Lynwood Electricals

Who Are We

Lynwood Electricals have been trading since 2000, specialising in temporary electrical and plumbing installations to the construction and allied industries. With Offices in Worcester Park and Sidcup we can cover anywhere in the South/South East.

We are a family run and owned company with over 30 years experience in the specialised temporary site services field, which gives you peace of mind when choosing a sub contractor for your temporary services package.

We can plan the temporary services for your project right from initial tender stage to contacting the regional electricity supplier, to design and finally installation.

All we require to supply a budget tender are GA drawings, site layout details and we can do the rest, free of charge, of course.

We understand that if you lose your temporary electrical supply, your site comes to a standstill, due to this we also offer a 24/7 call out service for ALL projects that we are working on.

In other words, we take the stress out of planning your scheme, and can take it over from start to finish.

We have offices in Worcester Park and Sidcup and cover anywhere in the South/South East.

What We Do


Registered Member ECA ROSPA Safe Contractor Approved ConstructionLine Gold Member

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Lynwood Electricals Ltd, 102 Lynwood Drive, Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7AE

Telephone: 020 8330 5850

Fax: 020 8330 5850